About us

The company sells compatible and original printer consumables – cartridges, toners, refill kits, and CISS. A substantial share of our inventory belongs to niche computer parts, such as CPUs, HDDs/SSDs, RAM and other computer parts.

Products are regularly added to our assortment and we quickly add new products if there is any demand for them.

The company runs a B2B online store, which allows customers to buy products at a discount provided they have an account with a username and a password.

The success of our company can be measured by an evergrowing number of customers. We have developed a good relationship with them and have thus turned them into repeat customers. Quality products, excellent order management, speedy shipping, and a successful resolution of problems has led to mutual respect between us and our customers.

We have put a lot of effort into hiring qualified workers. Our employees are skilled and motivated to work.

The most important products / services of the company

Customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of our company. We constantly seek new ways of fulfilling the highest customer expectations. By actively pursuing our company goals, we can achieve expected results.

The company assortment is based on the retail activity, with the following key sales areas:

compatible cartridges and toners

original printer consumables

niche computer parts (HDDs/SSDs, RAM, CPUs)

Cartridges and toners belong to our primary sales program. We have a diverse sales structure at our disposal ranging from key printer brands, such as HP, Brother, Konica Minolta to Canon, Lexmark, Xerox and others.

The main strategy of the company is to become the leading online store dealing with compatible and original printer consumables.

The company has developed its own business model, which has changed and adapted according to the market situation. Hence, it is a market-based business model. Based on our know-how, market research and experience, we look for new solutions. We sell and market products which have a good absorptive capacity (fair price-quality ratio).

Our assortment includes a sales program which is in line with our customers’ expectations and:

offers the best price-quality ratio as well as usefulness,

is in accordance with all standards and norms,

is high-quality,

is ecologically sustainable,

is available in a reasonable time,

with guaranteed consulting – customers are helped.

Our business is based on the following principles:

professional competence,



Our team is always on call.


In addition to the online store www.printmania.si, which operates in Slovenia, we also run the online stores de.printmania.si (DE) and ba.printmania.si (BA).



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